“Because today I saw your face… I am very very happy. Take care.”

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what i believe in is that
even if we fucked up everything between us
you are still one of the most important people in my life
and i see you in strangers
and i remember things that we used to hold dear
and when i visit places we used to visit
i think of you
and it stopped hurting
but it hasn't stopped being dear to me

and i write it here
not because it suddenly hurts and i need to talk about that
but because i want to use it as a fucking reminder
that time does heal
and it heals me, so it heals others too

and that is what i want for all the people hurting right now

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i think if i only could i'll physically hug this album.

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the most beautiful girl in all the korea :3333333333333
однажды на какое-нибудь жутко короткое время я покрашусь в блондинку. i wanna try it desperately. но мне так нравится мой цвет волос :D

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просеивать песок сквозь сито. камни и золото остаются :3

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i wonder why it happens.
my past goes away almost w\o any kind of regret. i'm moving on with my life, it takes years, but eventually it passes by.
the songs that used to hurt now don't
the things that used to remind me of things and people and places now don't
now i am sad not because it saddens me but because it doesn't
i kind of miss the emotions now, not people.
and all of a sudden i miss people i didn't think i would
and al of a sudden i am quite ready to lose things.
big things
great things
i am open to a heratbreak
but right now i am waiting here for this thing to pass by

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еще один чудесный опенинг. все же i'm such a sucker for nice korean ethnic~ish melodies.


ah, the saddest boy in the unniverse~

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супер красивый опенинг, надо скачать себе на звонок *_*



все еще лавчайлд гамми и джиди.

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let's talk big space objects.
no, i don't mean heechul.
weeeeeeeell. i do mean heechul, but not really.

i can't let go. i'm sorry i can't.
you say 13 stars and i say mimi is a fucking sun. but i couldn't stop thinking about henry.

henry is a meteor.
yeah, like in not a star way. but you know what? at the end of a day (literally) you watch out for those ones. you watch out for those small things burning in an atmosphere, and you wish upon them, and all the boring stars that just hang on out there (yes, yesung, it's about you, obviously, mister the boring one *heart*) have nothing on this moment. when henry shines, he shines like no one's business. not even shinee's. sorry, bad pun day

mimi is a sun. what? it's worth repeating. mimi is a sun and you can't help it. you may say that it's not a real star, because stars are supposed to be on the night sky... well, you may, but you may also shut up, because actually mimi is a star that matters the most. think about it when it's freezing outside. yeah, like in winter. yeah, the world without mimi is this times infinity.

kibum is not a star, actually.
kibum is pluto. and you may think whatever you want, kibum doesn't exactly care. seriously, as if it changes anything. he is up there just the way it was when it was a planet.

and you, my dear, are a black hole. you suck the fun out of fandom.

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мне 22 года, я уже ну вот совсем не тинейджер.
а ханчоли это как весь этот ТИНЕЙДЖЕРСКИЙ ЭМО АНГСТ
обиделась на все эти приходы. скачала флёр. в моей жизни не было ничего более тинейдж имо ангст)

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иногда мне кажется, что хичоль почти что альфийский, и это комплимент альфа квадре, если вы не поняли.
я бы хотела кота-гамлета :D дерганного и вери фирс.
я бы написала, что хочу ребенка-гамлета, но такого ребенку желать как-то не хочется :D

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патетик фуджисан из патетик.

когда пушкарева приходила ко мне за сезоном мамы, она рассматривала мою доску и взяла посмотреть фоточку суджу номер два и я ткнула ей в Кореца-Который-Нравится-Гале, Корейца-Который-Нравится-Мне, другого Корейца-Который-Нравится-Мне (или нет), а ей понравился итук. такие дела.

кстати, надо заставить пушкареву пройти соционически тест. зет вулд би фан.

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and so it goes