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i like your nose.

two of nine songs for two of nine boys that grew up and gave up

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because han geng likes to talk about his heart :)

no one wants to be in dbsk fandom. no one wants to have their heart ripped in two slightly different in size and a bit dysfunctional parts.
except well they do.
it's not insane it's not even almost every time about the love of drama. some people just do love the boys and their hearts just fell in love and didn't plan to break but couldn't resist.
but it is mostly about the drama. people poked their hearts with this story and cried their hearts out and it's because they need to feel things. because life is grey and weather is duh and a city is fast and boring and it's insane but they need to feel alive.
it's not that they don't love the boys. they are just really really bored out of their minds and the drama is interesting at last.
but they do wait for happy end.
the song of hate towards sme is a part of the story but no one wants this kind of ending.

news fandom is in never ending wonderful sorrow.
it's random boys who kind of hate and love each other. and it's random girls who still loves them no matter what.
and it's nine going eight going seven and almost immediately six just to stop being and then stop being stopped and go on and be beautiful and hopeful and to be four in the end. well this-moment-end. it's never ending so you never know.
it's not even two pieces of a heart. it's getting little pieces cut off one (two) at a time and feel them and love them and hate them all a little bit because you kind of have nine little hearts and it's not a nice feeling.
it's less dramatic. it's not intense enough it's for those who love slow songs of lost friendships of letting go of loved ones and meeting them ten years latter while riding a bus. it's about awkward talks and lost chances. it's about dreams that probably just weren't meant to be fulfilled.

suju is for those who is a fan of dramedy. the moment things start being too intense you switch comedy on and you cry and laugh and like that it's not clear any more what are your feelings. life couldn't get better so it got worse.
there are lots of people there there are fifteen people there who will step in if someone steps out and it's wonderful if you think of it. but there are fifteen people full of unhappy stories to tell and you kind of love them and you kind of love them completely not just the good parts. and when one leaves there still fourteen people around. and you think that's all right you think that one fifteens is a small part. it's even less than seven percent, it's even less than a commission you pay buying their new dvds or calendars or something. well you don't think that you're a little bit too good of a fan to think that but you are really happy to have just one out and still fourteen in. it's not like dbsk fandom you tell yourself at night.
suju fandom is for those who is even less prepared to lose and wants to reduce their risks of being hurt by investing in a variety of assets.
i don't know if it works. you kind of lose less but you kind of lose more.

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and so it goes