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ah, the saddest boy in the unniverse~

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я хочу фики про это, всякую дурацкую драматичную драму :D

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you may want to skip this one, i was asleep when writing this

YG is a happy place for me.
it's a place where it's, well, not so korean.
and when i say 'korean' i mean 'emotional'

idol business is absolutely not about selling music. it's about selling personalities and feelings. it's a market of emotions and that's exactly why we love idols so much. because they are open and they understand that they are not singers but idols. of course they sing, and some of them do it especially nice and awesome and you think that they are better than singers or something like that. but it's not their job. their job is to entertain us with their personalities and create some kind of bond so we will feel included. and all the fanservice we are getting is to give us the idea of an idol in a relationship and so we can project this type of relationship on our lifes and so on and so on and so on
i'm sorry i'm tired and i want to sleep and it's affecting me
and i feel like i am reciting a boring book :)
my point is i love yg because they send me the wrong package. they kind of suck at this idol thing. well, not really, because they have lots of fanservice :D but they do suck at making it intimate and precious and cute and lots of things, important for fans of other agencies.
i see YG as an agency. as a working place, where you do SELL something.
it's not easy to say that you sell emotions, because it kind of makes all those emotions fake. that's why everyone is trying to make it as real as possible. to stop it look as a shop and make it look as a home.
we love you, you love us, that's why we, idols, are receiving your money and your gifts and your love: because we love you back, we love you. you, fans, make us, idols, happy.
yg sucks at it.
they do. their image is too cool to make me feel at home.
so they sell me this awesome corporate feeling and this awesome comradeship between yg's idols.
they kind of tell me: WE WORK TOGETHER, WE ARE NOT BEST FRIENDS, WE ARE OK, WE ARE GOOD TEAM MATES, but we are together because of work.
they tell me: we are professionals and a we are good at what we do.
they tell my inner insecure girl, tired of drama: we will not break your heart, because we are colleagues and there's life for us beside all of this.
and for me it's really important. they tell me to enjoy their work with them and not be afraid of, i don't know, CL moving to china next day TO STAY THERE FOREVER. because it's kind of ok. well, if she wants to.
it may not be this way for any of you, really. anything is optional. you may care so much it breaks your heart every time GD is looking at some one who's not Dara or something.
but for me YG is a happy place, because they don't make me a family. they keep the distance, and i love them for this.
(and i love others for making me feel like a family, it's not that i hate families :D)

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я в вашем фандоме, читаю ваши фанфики, шиплю ваших мальчиков, и даже с девочками

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а я все не могла понять, что мне это напоминает.

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[22:35:45] Маки: вот тебе множество Сынри

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and so it goes