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let's talk big space objects.
no, i don't mean heechul.
weeeeeeeell. i do mean heechul, but not really.

i can't let go. i'm sorry i can't.
you say 13 stars and i say mimi is a fucking sun. but i couldn't stop thinking about henry.

henry is a meteor.
yeah, like in not a star way. but you know what? at the end of a day (literally) you watch out for those ones. you watch out for those small things burning in an atmosphere, and you wish upon them, and all the boring stars that just hang on out there (yes, yesung, it's about you, obviously, mister the boring one *heart*) have nothing on this moment. when henry shines, he shines like no one's business. not even shinee's. sorry, bad pun day

mimi is a sun. what? it's worth repeating. mimi is a sun and you can't help it. you may say that it's not a real star, because stars are supposed to be on the night sky... well, you may, but you may also shut up, because actually mimi is a star that matters the most. think about it when it's freezing outside. yeah, like in winter. yeah, the world without mimi is this times infinity.

kibum is not a star, actually.
kibum is pluto. and you may think whatever you want, kibum doesn't exactly care. seriously, as if it changes anything. he is up there just the way it was when it was a planet.

and you, my dear, are a black hole. you suck the fun out of fandom.

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моя основная проблема с хичолем состоит в том, что я материалист. и, эм, как же это называется? результатевист. может, не в соционическо смысле. или в соционическом смысле, но мне нужно куда-то ткнуть, во что-то и сказать - оно было, в этом был смысл, мы не зря тут пахали.
хичоль хорошо живет. очень интересно, как всякий нетизен.
но у меня ощущение, что ничего не остается. что он как... человек в твоей фленте, который офигенно пишет. ну вот просто обычные посты, офигенные. но ничего не делает, куда потом можно ткнуть - а вот это ты читал? я вряд ли ткну кому-то и скажу "а вот этот пост ты у него читал?". если это пост просто про то, как у человека день прошел. очень круто написанный, но в общем и целом ни о чем же. вот и хичоль такой. очень крутой, но мне некуда ткнуть в его творчестве и сказать - вот тут он был гениален, и вот здесь.
это все кусочки твитов, передачек, той мелочи, из которой складывается шоубизнесс жизнь, но вот некуда ткнуть D:
мне надо, чтобы было, куда ткнуть. меня с ума сводит эта виртуальная нереализованность реализованного человека)
(у меня есть кусочки, их немного, это драбблы, но в общем и целом есть, я вру. я просто хочу что-то эпик и большое)

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because i need to save it :D

[22:47:28] Фудзи-сан: окей, i've reread your "to be deleted" hanchul. let's talk au
[22:47:42] hitamyu: lol whut? 0_0
[22:47:43] hitamyu: which hanchul
[22:47:57] Фудзи-сан: you
[22:48:00] Фудзи-сан: and your fics
[22:48:03] Фудзи-сан: i'm not even
[22:48:15] Фудзи-сан: the one where heechul thinks geography
[22:49:59] Фудзи-сан: so, just imagine. spy au. the one like in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
[22:50:31] Фудзи-сан: where hangeng is a spy
[22:51:01] Фудзи-сан: being departed to china
[22:51:12] Фудзи-сан: like all those russian spies, you know
[22:51:17 | Edited 22:53:12] Фудзи-сан: from US
[22:52:01 | Edited 22:54:41] Фудзи-сан: and he is greeted the same way in china as those *spies* in russia.
[22:52:13] Фудзи-сан: like he's not REALLY a spy
[22:52:42] Фудзи-сан: but he was asked by certain organisations to look for certain things
[22:54:01] hitamyu: aga
[22:54:09] hitamyu: and heechul?
[22:55:43] Фудзи-сан: and heechul is his, well, secret lover or something.
[22:56:02 | Edited 23:13:03] Фудзи-сан: and to make things worse
[22:56:18] Фудзи-сан: he could be actualy involved in some top secret stuff
[22:56:50 | Edited 22:58:04] Фудзи-сан: and hangeng had no idea heechul was involved in such things
[22:56:52] Фудзи-сан: i mean
[22:57:52] hitamyu: from other country?
[22:57:56] Фудзи-сан: they met each other in university
[22:58:01] hitamyu: (almost typed "from other universe")
[22:58:18] Фудзи-сан: from korea
[22:58:20] Фудзи-сан: yes
[22:58:30] Фудзи-сан: hangeng studied and later worked in korea
[22:58:56] Фудзи-сан: and chinese secret organisation asked him for some help
[22:59:19] Фудзи-сан: and he, well, didn't say yes but didn't exactly say no, because he was a dancer
[23:02:23] Фудзи-сан: and well didn't exactly had (or he thought so) any real way to secret information
[23:03:51] Фудзи-сан: and heechul thinks that hangeng knew about him working for government and that everything they had was a play
[23:06:41] Фудзи-сан: and hangeng feels played and he lost everything, and now he has only china and they make him somewhat a national hero and he wonders how does it look for all people he loved in korea. but because he's such a hero over there he is super popular and makes lots of money dancing
[23:06:45] Фудзи-сан: and people love him
[23:06:58 | Edited 23:12:02] Фудзи-сан: and he can live with his parents and so on
[23:07:09] Фудзи-сан: and well, it's his country
[23:07:31] Фудзи-сан: and he feels a little bit betrayed too, cause he had no idea about heechul's work
[23:14:23] Фудзи-сан: but at least he has no questions over heechul's love to him where heechul does.
[23:15:56] hitamyu: D:
[23:16:18] Фудзи-сан: and i think that siwon was an government agent (they all were friends, and siwon was the one who got heechul involved into this secret stuff) who actually discovered such an offer was made to hangeng.
[23:17:41] hitamyu: DDD:
[23:17:57] hitamyu: siwon will feel the most terrible out of all
[23:18:08] Фудзи-сан: and it was kept a secret for a bit, but later korea needed something from china or their agent over there was discovered and they needed someone to be swapped and the government knew that hangeng wasn't actually a spy
[23:20:53] Фудзи-сан: so it was a safe choice to announce him to be a spy
[23:21:30] Фудзи-сан: and YES
[23:21:38] Фудзи-сан: siwon will feel terrible
[23:21:47] Фудзи-сан: because he knew for a fact
[23:21:54] Фудзи-сан: that hangeng hasn't done a thing
[23:22:29] Фудзи-сан: and he felt terrible because he had to spy for hangeng
[23:23:11] Фудзи-сан: and later he felt terrible for questioning him (when he found out that hangeng wasn't spying, or, well, was really GOOD at this spying thing)
[23:23:44] hitamyu: saaaaaaaaaad
[23:23:51] hitamyu: very very sad
[23:24:58] Фудзи-сан: and later he felt even more terrible, when hangeng talked to him about this crap when he was being departed (and hangeng didn't know siwon was an agent at the time and because of that siwon felt even more terrible)
[23:25:53] Фудзи-сан: and during this talk siwon found out that hangeng wasn't an awesome spy, he was confused and very miserable and he loved heechul and loved siwon and others and even korea
[23:26:13] Фудзи-сан: and so in the end
[23:26:22 | Edited 23:28:27] Фудзи-сан: siwon knew all the parts of the story
[23:26:33] Фудзи-сан: and couldn't tell anyone
[23:27:18] Фудзи-сан: but i want a happy end :D
[23:28:58] Фудзи-сан: but i have no idea how to make it believable at all.
[23:29:01] Фудзи-сан: i mean
[23:31:18] Фудзи-сан: i can have heechul stop working for government and after a while when he can go travel overseas, he can go to china.
[23:32:41] Фудзи-сан: or, better, i can have hangeng SUE something :D well, i mean, he wasn't spying, he was asked to, but he never actually did any of spying. and, well, he's good at suing :D
[23:32:58] Фудзи-сан: and i can make him somewhat win
[23:39:45] Фудзи-сан: and i hope they wouldn't be too old by this time, lol

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Give me a korean fandom and I'll name:

Favorite character:
Least favorite character:
Character with the best hair:
Character with the best eyes:
Character with the best smile:
Character I'd most want to kiss:
Character I'd most likely fuck:
Character I'd make lunch for:
Character I'd go singing in the rain with:
Character I'd go shopping with:
Character I'd go dancing with:
Character I'd take over the world with:
Character I most want to see more of:
Favorite pairing:

f(x) - o god, i know only 3 of the girls :D

suju, it's kind of easy



they go by the name 2NE1 of YG


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you may want to skip this one, i was asleep when writing this

YG is a happy place for me.
it's a place where it's, well, not so korean.
and when i say 'korean' i mean 'emotional'

idol business is absolutely not about selling music. it's about selling personalities and feelings. it's a market of emotions and that's exactly why we love idols so much. because they are open and they understand that they are not singers but idols. of course they sing, and some of them do it especially nice and awesome and you think that they are better than singers or something like that. but it's not their job. their job is to entertain us with their personalities and create some kind of bond so we will feel included. and all the fanservice we are getting is to give us the idea of an idol in a relationship and so we can project this type of relationship on our lifes and so on and so on and so on
i'm sorry i'm tired and i want to sleep and it's affecting me
and i feel like i am reciting a boring book :)
my point is i love yg because they send me the wrong package. they kind of suck at this idol thing. well, not really, because they have lots of fanservice :D but they do suck at making it intimate and precious and cute and lots of things, important for fans of other agencies.
i see YG as an agency. as a working place, where you do SELL something.
it's not easy to say that you sell emotions, because it kind of makes all those emotions fake. that's why everyone is trying to make it as real as possible. to stop it look as a shop and make it look as a home.
we love you, you love us, that's why we, idols, are receiving your money and your gifts and your love: because we love you back, we love you. you, fans, make us, idols, happy.
yg sucks at it.
they do. their image is too cool to make me feel at home.
so they sell me this awesome corporate feeling and this awesome comradeship between yg's idols.
they kind of tell me: WE WORK TOGETHER, WE ARE NOT BEST FRIENDS, WE ARE OK, WE ARE GOOD TEAM MATES, but we are together because of work.
they tell me: we are professionals and a we are good at what we do.
they tell my inner insecure girl, tired of drama: we will not break your heart, because we are colleagues and there's life for us beside all of this.
and for me it's really important. they tell me to enjoy their work with them and not be afraid of, i don't know, CL moving to china next day TO STAY THERE FOREVER. because it's kind of ok. well, if she wants to.
it may not be this way for any of you, really. anything is optional. you may care so much it breaks your heart every time GD is looking at some one who's not Dara or something.
but for me YG is a happy place, because they don't make me a family. they keep the distance, and i love them for this.
(and i love others for making me feel like a family, it's not that i hate families :D)

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because han geng likes to talk about his heart :)

no one wants to be in dbsk fandom. no one wants to have their heart ripped in two slightly different in size and a bit dysfunctional parts.
except well they do.
it's not insane it's not even almost every time about the love of drama. some people just do love the boys and their hearts just fell in love and didn't plan to break but couldn't resist.
but it is mostly about the drama. people poked their hearts with this story and cried their hearts out and it's because they need to feel things. because life is grey and weather is duh and a city is fast and boring and it's insane but they need to feel alive.
it's not that they don't love the boys. they are just really really bored out of their minds and the drama is interesting at last.
but they do wait for happy end.
the song of hate towards sme is a part of the story but no one wants this kind of ending.

news fandom is in never ending wonderful sorrow.
it's random boys who kind of hate and love each other. and it's random girls who still loves them no matter what.
and it's nine going eight going seven and almost immediately six just to stop being and then stop being stopped and go on and be beautiful and hopeful and to be four in the end. well this-moment-end. it's never ending so you never know.
it's not even two pieces of a heart. it's getting little pieces cut off one (two) at a time and feel them and love them and hate them all a little bit because you kind of have nine little hearts and it's not a nice feeling.
it's less dramatic. it's not intense enough it's for those who love slow songs of lost friendships of letting go of loved ones and meeting them ten years latter while riding a bus. it's about awkward talks and lost chances. it's about dreams that probably just weren't meant to be fulfilled.

suju is for those who is a fan of dramedy. the moment things start being too intense you switch comedy on and you cry and laugh and like that it's not clear any more what are your feelings. life couldn't get better so it got worse.
there are lots of people there there are fifteen people there who will step in if someone steps out and it's wonderful if you think of it. but there are fifteen people full of unhappy stories to tell and you kind of love them and you kind of love them completely not just the good parts. and when one leaves there still fourteen people around. and you think that's all right you think that one fifteens is a small part. it's even less than seven percent, it's even less than a commission you pay buying their new dvds or calendars or something. well you don't think that you're a little bit too good of a fan to think that but you are really happy to have just one out and still fourteen in. it's not like dbsk fandom you tell yourself at night.
suju fandom is for those who is even less prepared to lose and wants to reduce their risks of being hurt by investing in a variety of assets.
i don't know if it works. you kind of lose less but you kind of lose more.

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and so it goes