the Stockholm insecurity
kyuhyun isn't bad at maths at all. He knows that negative things are ok, you can multiply them by other negative things and get something positive (if you're into positive things). It's zero you have problems with, no matter how hard you try to change it into something, you'll always get nothing.
but sometimes, when he is really tired and when he feels ill, he thinks that zero isn't that bad. he thinks that the fact people don't care isn't that bad at all.

@темы: k-pop: suju

2011-12-18 в 14:21 

Never let me find out what life would be like without you // The Villain. Better to keep alive till the last scene.
if you're into positive things
sounds kinky :lol:


2011-12-18 в 15:42 

the Stockholm insecurity
well, it is kinky :3

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and so it goes