the Stockholm insecurity
(Dad, he remembers saying once, years ago when he was younger and the two of them had spoken more, I need to show you something. And he took his father’s hand and pulled him over the corner of the room and had him touch the corner where two walls and a floor branched out into the living room. This is x, y, and z, and this is the plane of our reality. We’re all graphs. Kyuhyun’s father had looked down and half-smiled and asked him if he’d read that somewhere, it was beautiful, and the man had completely missed the point. Ever since then, the silence of misunderstanding has been more comforting than the verbal confirmation that Kyuhyun is desperately alone with his thoughts.)

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2012-02-17 в 09:21 

but no one knows how far it goes
Ох, она крутая :heart: Цитата) И идея) И вообще)

2012-02-17 в 13:52 

вообще фик крутой, жаль, что ит гот новее эт ол.

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and so it goes