the Stockholm insecurity
let's talk big space objects.
no, i don't mean heechul.
weeeeeeeell. i do mean heechul, but not really.

i can't let go. i'm sorry i can't.
you say 13 stars and i say mimi is a fucking sun. but i couldn't stop thinking about henry.

henry is a meteor.
yeah, like in not a star way. but you know what? at the end of a day (literally) you watch out for those ones. you watch out for those small things burning in an atmosphere, and you wish upon them, and all the boring stars that just hang on out there (yes, yesung, it's about you, obviously, mister the boring one *heart*) have nothing on this moment. when henry shines, he shines like no one's business. not even shinee's. sorry, bad pun day

mimi is a sun. what? it's worth repeating. mimi is a sun and you can't help it. you may say that it's not a real star, because stars are supposed to be on the night sky... well, you may, but you may also shut up, because actually mimi is a star that matters the most. think about it when it's freezing outside. yeah, like in winter. yeah, the world without mimi is this times infinity.

kibum is not a star, actually.
kibum is pluto. and you may think whatever you want, kibum doesn't exactly care. seriously, as if it changes anything. he is up there just the way it was when it was a planet.

and you, my dear, are a black hole. you suck the fun out of fandom.

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2012-05-24 в 19:26 

вся такая в садах и в натуре вежливая ©
However much hearts are not enough for this post

2012-05-25 в 02:38 

the Stockholm insecurity
heechul is polaris. there are lots of things you can never be sure of, but heechul is always pointing you to the right derection. he never changes. he is always true to himself, and even if he isn't the brightest star out there, he definitely is the most known one. and he might be the dog's tail but in that case the tail is wagging the dog.


2012-05-25 в 07:58 

but no one knows how far it goes
Красиво получилось и реально всем подходит) За исключением того, что я не одобряю гон на Итука)) Но это чёрт с ним. Я никогда не готова ничего обсуждать)

2012-05-25 в 10:42 

Hisanata, я правда считаю, что итук не не-любит генри и мими, но шит лайк зет. на самом деле если бы он сиурктли воз ивл, я бы была в гораздо большем восхищении. так итук выглядит адорабл лохом в моих глазах. я правда считаю, что все эти онли 13 штуки для него именно, не знаю, воспоминания о былых временах с кибомом и хангеном, а не призыв не считать мими и генри членами суджу, только ведь на самом деле это этим является. ай лав итук. ай джаст синк хи дазнт синк энаф.

2012-05-25 в 12:54 

but no one knows how far it goes
Я не думаю, что он настолько глуп)) Энд ноу хи из нот ивил, хи джаст хез хиз ризонс, мач моар компликейтед зен ви кен синк оф. Зетс вот ай синк, ту пут ит симпли)

2012-05-25 в 16:35 

Бритва оккама рулит, сложных причин не существует.

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