the Stockholm insecurity
I don't expect much
Writing to you. I wish
For things but no
Expectations whatsoever

How are you?
How's the weather
And what's the point in
Getting that far away from me and still
Not getting your happiness.

I've moved
The change of heart is not that easy
And the little place nearby with the greasy
Curry has closed down
Making everything double obsolete
If it's even possible

I've moved
And you don't know the address
And that thought keeps me awake at night

I wish you'd move,too.

I wish you'd stop
Being predictable and leave
And get so lost
The world is wast
I won't come looking

The books are sadder
Every year
But that's a given
The words are harder
To comprehend
Such as 'forgiven'
And 'forever'
And, to be fair, 'end'.