the Stockholm insecurity
The heechul that I know (the heechul that I believe in, that is my role model) is two things :
1. Hates unfinished business. It's an ugly feeling of unsatisfaction.
2. Hates losing more than he loves winning.

Anything else is a combination of the two. Saying things as they are (it's unfinished otherwise); never giving up on people if they are important (because loosing them is harder than not winning in who is more proud game)
He is sure, because not having made up his mind is unfinished, unwelcome.

He is not kind or unkind.
He is not a clinical precision. Very messy at times. Prideful, maybe, full of regrets.

(maybe he is also not real, it doesn't matter. The heechul that I know, believe in and who is a role model is two more things anyway:
1. Me
2. Who I want to be)

I'm not ashamed of admitting that. Because I don't write heechul (me) to fall in love with hangeng. I write heechul (me) for him (me) to be happy. Fiction is a therapy and this one is mine :)

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